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Technical Arts

The Rolling Hills Technical Arts Team exist to support our weekends services, ministry events and other special events that take place on our campus. We also support venue hires when appropriate for our team. We are the “behind the scenes” team who make everything that is related to sound, lighting, video, and set design take place on our campus. Whether it’s music, teaching, drama we are at our best when people don’t notice us, they notice the message.

We love what we get to do for Jesus and the pastoral ministries in our church! Our mission is to “Create a culture that draws people closer to Jesus, each other and the world”.  We do this by the giving of our creative and skilled and non skilled talents to our weekend services and our community and by caring for one another in safe authentic relationships.

We are the technical extension of Worship Arts and would love to have your involvement if you feel you are being called to serve this mission with us. 

Please go to the Get Involved page for more information.